Hand-lettered t-shirt design in collaboration with Anthropologie for their Summer 2021 Collection: “Celebrate the Sun.”

Ink and Digital Illustration, 2021.



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Anthropologie’s Celebrate the Sun collection “honor[s] all that’s warm and light.” From packaging to window displays at stores, this collection features cyanotypes (also known as sun-prints) by in-house artists, a blue and yellow theme that evokes imagery of the sun and sky, and the same hand-made feel that can be seen in a lot of Anthropologie’s works. While creating an original graphic tee for this line, I wanted to keep these elements in mind for my own composition.

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Celebrate the Sun - Packaging

Anthropologie "Celebrate the Sun" Packaging



Beyond the characteristics pointed out in the summer collection, I also wanted to highlight certain elements in my typography: vibrant colors that could uplift the wearer’s mood, movement in the linework and curves that would draw a viewer’s eye through the entire piece, and my own style of hand-lettering — imperfections and all.


Keeping in line with the theme, I created two designs using the phrases “Sunny Days Ahead” and “Here Comes the Sun.” Each concept featured several variations, with choices in color and complexity affecting the vibe of each piece as a whole. The options with lighter color palettes (especially those that utilized more pink, which ended up being the main color for the final shirt) felt gentler and more whimsical, while the ones with darker color palettes placed a greater emphasis on vibrance and contrast.

Concept 2A Shirt
Concept 2A
Concept 2B Shirt
Concept 2B
Concept 1A Mockup
Concept 1A
Concept 1B Mockup
Concept 1B
Concept 1C Mockup
Concept 1C

Sketches, Designs, and Mockups



After presenting my designs and concept-to-mockup process to Anthropologie’s print team, the “Sunny Days Ahead” design with the blue/yellow color palette and combination of hand-lettered (“Sunny Days”) and computer-aided (“Ahead”) text moved forward in the selection process. It was then pitched and approved by the sales and merchant teams, meanwhile picking up some changes in color to better complement the summer weather.


Finally, my “Sunny Days Ahead” design was sent for production and appeared online and in stores as part of Anthropologie’s Summer 2021 Collection!

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