60-page zine for the Art History Undergraduate Association at UCI's Fall 2021 exhibition, The Theme is Love. It explores the question: In a culture that offers to sell us every desire, in the age of the Hallmark card, how do we talk about love?

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, 2021.

TTIL - Excerpt

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Adrian Santiago (p.V-VI)

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Adrian Santiago (p.5-6)

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Audrey Hernandez Peterson (p.33-34)

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Adrienne Santiago (p.39-40)

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Andrea Badillo (p.11-12)

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Andrea Badillo (p.13-14)

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Russell Wong (p.31-32)

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Andrea Badillo (p.7-8)

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Peter Hoc Tran-Hoang (p.45-46)

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Peter Hoc Tran-Hoang (p.47-48)

The artworks featured in this exhibition express personal stories, desires, and anxieties about love across a variety of mediums — and a yearning for human connection that especially resonates in the context of a global pandemic. Whether created by a single artist or through collaboration as one half of a pair, each piece weaves its own thread into the show's tapestry... illustrating how we approach interpersonal relationships across time and space, how profoundly we experience love both new and old, and how we learn to love ourselves and each other.