Zest Fest Mockup — A mockup of a bus stop poster depicts a blue and yellow poster for the Zest Fest Music Festival. The poster includes lemon motifs, and the bus stop is placed in front of a busy city background.
Zest Fest 1
Zest Fest 3
Zest Fest Mockup 1
Zest Fest Tote
Zest Fest Lanyard
Zest Fest Instagram
Zest Fest Sketches

“Zest Fest,” a fictional music festival, aims to encapsulate the essence of summer. The bright yellows of the lemons pop out against the brilliant sky blue background, capturing the enthusiasm and energy of a summer music festival. The festival is advertised through a promotional magazine spread, a public poster, and a sponsored social media post.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, 2019.