DesignAir Banner — An iPad with a colorful floating island illustration rests atop a colorful gradient background. On the left side of the image, the word "DesignAir" is written in large white text, and the words "Game. Design. Discover." are written in smaller text beneath.


A charming RPG app that gamifies the discovery process of design through mini-games that introduce students to the foundation of design, a community of budding designers and experienced mentors, and quests that apply newly-learned design skills to the real world.

Branding - UI - UX - Product Design

Adobe XD, 2020

Anthropologie — Sunny Days Ahead

Sunny Days Ahead

Hand-lettered t-shirt design in collaboration with Anthropologie for their Summer 2021 Collection: “Celebrate the Sun.”

Graphic Design - Typography

Ink and Digital Illustration, 2021

Social Media Graphics Thumbnail

Social Media Graphics

Assorted social media graphics for UCI's Art History Undergraduate Association, Marketing Association, Design at UCI, and more.

Graphic Design - Social Media Marketing

Adobe Illustrator, 2020 - 2021

TTIL Cover

The Theme is Love

60-page zine for the AHUA at UCI’s Fall 2021 Exhibition, reflecting on the question: In a culture that offers to sell us every desire, in the age of the Hallmark card, how do we talk about love?

Print Design - Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, 2021

Zest Fest Mockup — A mockup of a bus stop poster depicts a blue and yellow poster for the Zest Fest Music Festival. The poster includes lemon motifs, and the bus stop is placed in front of a busy city background.

Zest Fest

Promotional materials for “Zest Fest,” a fictional music festival that aims to encapsulate the essence of summer. The festival is advertised through a promotional magazine spread, public posters, social media posts, and event merchandise.

Branding - Graphic Design - Marketing

Adobe Illustrator, 2019

Brailliant — A mockup of a book sits on top of a gray, dotted background. On the first page, letters A through X of the Brailliant alphabet are arranged. On the second page, letters Y and Z of the Alphabet are shown. Below that is the word "Brailliant" written in the Brailliant font, and a description of the font is located on the bottom half of the page. The description reads: "Brailliant was created as an avenue for inclusion and awareness between visually-impaired and sighted people. By incorporating the braille alphabet into a sans serif font, Brailliant can be used to teach and prepare those whose eyesight may be deteriorating, while simultaneously bridging a gap in communication between those who can and cannot see."


Font that aims to bridge the gap between visually-impaired and sighted people by incorporating the braille alphabet into a sans serif font. It can be used to teach those whose eyesight may be deteriorating, while sparking conversation between those who can and cannot see.

Graphic Design - Typography

Adobe Illustrator, 2019